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Smart.web Ltd is a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) who focuses on business and management system in Hong Kong.

Smart.web Ltd is an application service provider, not only a web development or software company.  We have developed several solutions & products to focus on your need in business and management.  We are determined to create VALUES to you and help you closer to success.

A cost-effective way to enjoy enterprise-level software solutions!  No huge investment or resources required, only in monthly payment basis.

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The name of 'Smart.web Ltd', we use after the year 2000.  Actually, we have over 10 years of experience in System Integration.  For recent years, we have turned our job focus to the World Wide Web Development.

To keep pace with web technology development, we create new business model that brings sales or logistic support close to our clients.  We are equipped with strong programming and technical support team located in both Greater China & Hong Kong.  We also work closely with certain well-known hardware vendors and internet service providers (ISP) to ensure providing first-class application services to you.

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