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Smart.web Ltd owns a professional team with certified skills in different scope of IT technology.

As a system integrating company, we commit to provide the best affordable solution in hardware, software and design. We are in full confidence that our past project management experience and system deployment expertise can assist our customer along their way to success.

Application Services
- Enterprise-level Application Rental
- Solutions on business and management

CN-HK Enterprise Solutions
1) Infrastructure Solution
- VPN Connection
- VOIP IDD Free phone Service
- Remote Surveillance & Monitoring
- Digital Video Conferencing
- Corporate Intranet
2) Enterprise Facilities Management Solution
- Proximity Card Control System
- Data & CAD Center
- Vehicle Fleet Management
- Office & Plant Security System
- LED Electronic Display System
- Data Information Management (EPR, MRP, CRM)

Application Development
- Tailor-made Application
- Knowledgebase Management System

Web Site Building
- Static Official Web Site
- Dynamic Application
- E-commerce System

System Maintenance
- System Maintenance & Support
- Software & Application Support
- System Security & Virus Defense
- Web Site & E-mail Management

Multimedia Production
- Digital Video & Web Streaming:
- Interactive CD

Networking & Automation
- System Consulting
- Office Networking
- Wireless Network Implementation

Hosting Service

- Web Hosting
- Data Hosting
- E-mail Hosting

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